Tiny Farm Tours – Terms and Conditions

By requesting a consult session at the Perch & Nest farm, I understand I will be billed $150 for a one hour tour and/or consult for myself and up to three others. I understand that I will be given a confirmed date and time for my consult once this payment is received. I understand that I am being invited to a private, residential property and any attempt to share this location with others or attempting to access this location outside of my appointment time may be considered trespassing. I understand Perch & Nest consulting time and tours are for the purpose of DIY research, design, development and construction only. Information and documents provided by Perch & Nest during this visit remain the intellectual property of Perch & Nest and should not be used for commercial, public, or duplication purposes. Information received from Perch & Nest is intended for one time use only and should only be used for the design, development, and creation of the attending parties single tiny home or space. Photography during my visit may not be permitted and should be approved prior to visiting. The use of consulting information or renderings for the purpose of duplication, commercial, or public use is not permitted and may be subject to termination of services and/or legal action. By submitting the hourly consulting deposit, the purchaser agrees to the above terms. Delayed payments may result in a delay of services. By submitting this request, I/we also hereby release Farmhouse Investments LLC, the property location owners, tiny house owners, and any present affiliates of any responsibility or liability for loss and/or damages to my vehicle, including but not limited to theft, collision, fire, acts of god, weather, construction, etc. during the course of parking of the car on this property. I/we indemnify Perch & Nest, its employees, members, and agents against loss, cost or damage incurred as a result of any liability whatsoever with regard to my driving and/or parking my/our automobile at this location.