Tiny House RVs “From Scratch”

FInd out what separates us from other tiny house, construction, and design companies. 

Collaboration: Our one-on-one design service means you will receive guidance from a small space design expert ending any guess work or endless online research on your road to tiny living. Our process is simple, yet unique. No catalogs to choose from or multiple points of contact. From conception to departure, your personal designer will work with you in making every decision and discussing each detail in creating your one-of-a-kind roost.

Communication: From the time you contact us, you will receive continuous and timely communication throughout the research, design, and growth of your new home. And your designer will also act as your project manager updating you on construction progress and preparing you for the arrival of your new home.

Comprehension: Your home will be designed and built with your needs and budget in mind as well as national DOT and RV compliance standards. Your THRV will be constructed by experienced and skilled individuals who specialize in their trade which includes master carpenter oversight and installations from certified RV technicians, licensed roofers, plumbers, and HVAC techs, all while your designer provides you with the details needed to prepare for the use of these THRV components.


To get started on your own Perch & Nest Roost…

1) If you have plans or ideas already in mind for your tiny, Email us here to request our THRV Questionnaire link. This link will prompt you to select materials and levels of completion to build your estimate for construction. If you are unsure of what you may need in a tiny, shoot us an email with your questions or start with a consult or tour first here.

2) Once you receive this preliminary build quote, we will work with you to make any necessary adjustments to your construction materials and/or level of completion and finalize your build estimations.

3) Once you have reviewed and approved your final estimate, you will receive an electronic purchase agreement and deposit invoice as well as any applicable information for your lender.

4) Once your initial build deposit or lender payment is received, we will begin construction on your custom tiny home chassis (ie. trailer). While this frame is in production, we will work with you on your custom design including the creation of scaled floor plan(s) and 3D images for your approval. (Average trailer and design completion time is 2 weeks.)

5) Once your designs are approved by you and your trailer foundation is complete, your tiny home shell will be constructed and we will begin working with you on the final phases of your tiny’s completion including system layouts, appliance selections and color palettes. (Average home completion time is 8-12 weeks.)

“One-of-a-kind Roosts designed & built to meet your nesting needs.”