“Happiness is Home Made”

Our love for building, design, and reclaiming “what once was” has been a family affair for generations leading us to grow a business specializing in custom carpentry and home restoration. We worked in this passion for over 10 years, and although small dwelling builds and conversions were always part of our business, like many, we became smitten with “tiny” spaces in more recent years.

In, 2014, we were honored to sponsor, host, and mentor our hometown friend’s (now the worlds most traveled) tiny house build and…well, the rest is history! The subsequent redirection of our business was a true “blessing in disguise” not only for our staff but for our families. The idea of simpler living promised in the tiny home movement was the work lifestyle change we had desperately been searching for. Building tiny home RVs and bringing life back into small existing structures allows us to provide the dedication and craftsmanship we pride ourselves on and now, in a more refined venue. We came to the tiny movement as experienced builders, but also as folks that understand the importance of home, family, and “less is more”.

We are incredibly honored and grateful to spend our days together designing and constructing practical spaces for others. Being part of each design whether wheeled or revitalized (or revitalized on wheels!) has allowed our family to work from our farm doing what we love most. -Building, growing, and sharing “home” with others. This movement of builders, dwellers, and enthusiasts is filled with contagious kindness and encouragement that is refreshing in this day and time. For that reason, we have gathered a group of designers, carpenters, licensed tradesman, RV techs, and skilled folks who share a passion for their trade but also for this movement. Our mission as a family and a group of community builders is to demonstrate our love and craft in each project as well as pass these homes, know-how, and the knowledge of “what matters most” on to the next generation.