Where are you located?

We are located in Winston Salem, North Caroline. Because our tinys are certified travel trailer RVs, they are able to be towed to any location similar to a traditional camper.

What is a THRV?

A Tiny House Recreational Vehicle (THRV) is a type of recreational vehicle that has been designed and built to meet national Department of Transportation (DOT) and RVIA (Recreational Vehicle Industry Association) code while maintaining the design and body style of a home on wheels. This means that your final purchase will be inspected and certified as a Travel Trailer RV and will include a manufacturer certificate of origin with a year, make, and model just as you would receive when purchasing a traditional camper. This also means that your THRV is eligible for traditional RV loans and insurance, and is permitted to be parked any where a traditional RV is allowed.

Are you NOAH certified?

Perch & Nest is a registered US recreational vehicle manufacturer and RVIA member similar to the major brands you would find available at local RV dealerships. We uphold national DOT (Department of Transportation) standards and our facility is routinely inspected by the RVIA (Recreational Vehicle Industry Association) for compliance. These inspections include (tiny) RVs under construction and allow us to certify each tiny as a Travel Trailer RV. For this reason, secondary and DIY type clubs and certifications are not necessary for our product. View our NADA (National Automobile Dealers Association) listing here.

What is the cost of a Perch & Nest THRV?

At Perch & Nest, no two THRV’s are alike. There are no models or plans to conform to. Each of our creations are custom designed with the users needs and budget in mind. Therefore, each THRV is quoted based on the materials, size, and the desired level of completion. (Ie. DIY Shell, RV Certified Shell, or Move-In Ready.) Grab free quotes for any of our three completion options here.

What size is a THRV?

DOT guidelines permit us to design structures within 8.5′ wide, 40′ in length, and 13.5′ in height. Most of our designs utilize the maximum width and height allowed. Our “Roost” designs are each numbered by their length (Ex. A Roost22 is 22′ in length, a Roost30 is 30′ in length, and so on.). You will find examples of design possibilities within various lengths inside our virtual gallery but keep in mind, your tiny has yet to be designed.

Do you offer custom designs?

At Perch & Nest, we believe the only way to achieve efficient living in a small space is to have your THRV designed around your needs and use. Therefore, we do not have models or plans to choose from or conform to. Each of our THRV’s are custom designed around the needs and budget of the buyer. And although we do not have “catalog” options to choose from, we do offer FREE estimation services and pro design services are included in each build.

How do you finance a tiny house RV?

Our tiny house RVs are eligible for traditional travel trailer RV loans with most major banks. We suggest exploring pre-approval for an RV loan with your home bank but there are many lending options available on the web. Links to the most popular RV lenders can be found on our BUILD page. (You can also find year, make, and model info via the NADA link in the same location.) If you are not using a lender for your purchase, tinys are manufactured using a 3 payment plan. A 25% initial deposit begins the trailer fabrication and design consult, 50% begins shell construction, and the final balance is due upon completion.

How long does it take to build a THRV?

Of course, under any construction circumstances, finish’s, weather, and material availability may dictate the length of time needed for manufacturing but our average “hands on” construction time is 8-10 weeks.

Can Perch & Nest help me build my THRV myself?

Yes! We offer both DIY shells and RV Certified Shells. Both of these DIY package options include design consulting, material lists, and on-going support while you finish your home on your own.

What is the process once I decide to buy?

Once you approve your preliminary estimate, you will receive purchase documents by email to sign electronically. Once these documents are complete, you will receive a deposit invoice and once your deposit is received, we will contact you to begin the remote design process.

How will the design process work?

Our design process is 100% remote. You are not required to visit or tied down to call scheduling during this process. We will guide you through floorplan creation, fixture selections, and so on through email using professional renderings as well as various links and references. All of our communication will be through this medium (email) to keep everything under record and avoid misunderstandings but we can also schedule phone calls and visits as needed throughout your design and construction process. 

Can I purchase a partially completed THRV?

Yes! We offer three completion options. DIY Shell, RV Certified Shell, and Move-in Ready. Browse details and grab quotes for any of these options on our BUILD page.

Will you deliver my THRV?

Don’t fret! We will assist you with delivery as we approach completion of your tiny home by connecting you with a professional and experienced hauler or guiding you in selecting the right vehicle for picking up your tiny home from us. 

Can I come see homes before I "go tiny"?

Yes! If you are just getting started on your tiny house journey, we recommend getting into as many tiny homes as possible. We offer overnight rentals and tours and consults for the tiny curious.

How do you set up and hook up a tiny house RV?

Because our tiny homes are manufactured to travel trailer recreational vehicle code, each tiny is able to “plug and play” the same as a traditional camper. During the design phase, we will discuss options for parking, drainage, etc with you in determining the best fixtures and selections for your unique situation. Generally, most Perch & Nest tiny’s need nothing more than a relatively flat area for parking, access to a garden spigot, and access to a power outlet to be set up. We will provide you with a thorough guide prior to departure so that you are able to prepare for the arrival and set up of your tiny RV.

Do you have a wait list?

We do not offer a “waiting list”. Once your order is placed, you are placed in our design and build queue. We are currently designing homes for Summer/Fall 2024 construction so now is a great time to get started. (Last updated 04/22/2024.)

Does Perch & Nest build foundation homes?

While we no longer offer foundation construction services to the public, we do occasionally purchase and rehab small farms and unique structures. Browse properties available for sale on our “Already Hatched” page or contact us if you are interested in selling a property in need of restoration.