We welcome your questions! Please contact us for more information and to discuss your tiny home any time!

What size is a THRV?

Perch & Nest tiny house RVs are available up to 8.5′ wide and up to 40′ in length. We also offer wide load and gooseneck options for larger designs.

How do you finance a tiny house RV?

Our tiny house RVs are eligible for traditional travel trailer RV loans with most major banks. We suggest exploring pre-approval for an RV loan with your home bank but there are many lending options available as well as a link to Lightstream at the bottom of each of our site pages. (You can also find year, make, and model info via the NADA link in the same location.) If you are not using a lender for your purchase, tinys are manufactured using a 3 payment plan. A 25% initial deposit begins the trailer fabrication and design consult, 50% begins shell construction, and the final balance is due upon completion.

How long does it take to build a THRV?

Of course, under any construction circumstances, finish’s, weather, and material availability may dictate build time, but our average completion time is 8-12 weeks from design to delivery.

Can Perch & Nest help me build my home myself?

Yes! We offer consulting, build oversight, trailer sales, shells, and various stages of construction to assist you in tackling your tiny yourself. Check out our DIY pages for more info!

How much are Perch & Nest THRV's?

At Perch & Nest, no two homes are alike. There are no models or plans to conform to. Each of our homes is custom designed with the users needs and budget in mind. Therefore, each home is quoted based on the materials, size, and level of completion the buyer has selected. Email us here to request our THRV Questionnaire link for a preliminary and itemized build quote.

Are there designs to choose from?

At Perch & Nest, we believe the only way to achieve efficient living in a small space is to have your home designed around your needs and use. Therefore, we do not have models or plans to choose from or conform to. Each of our homes is custom designed with your needs and budget in mind. And although we do not have “catalog” options to choose from, we do offer FREE estimation services and pro design services are included in each build.

Can I purchase a partially completed THRV?

Yes! Our tiny quotes are itemized allowing you to choose the level of completion that fits your needs and DIY desires. RV certified shells are available as well.

Will you deliver my THRV?

Don’t fret! We will assist you with delivery as we approach completion of your tiny home by connecting you with a professional and experienced hauler or guiding you in selecting the right vehicle for picking up your tiny home from us. 

Can I come see homes before I "go tiny"?

Yes! If you are just getting started on your tiny house journey, we recommend getting into as many tiny homes as possible. We offer overnight rentals and tours and consults for the tiny curious.