Tiny Farm Tours

We are so lucky to be able to work from our home and although we do not have a traditional show room or office open to the public, we welcome visits us to our home location by appointment (only).

Our tiny farm hosts vacation rentals as well as our shop facility where various phases of design and construction can often be seen. By scheduling a visit to our private location, you will gain access to tiny house expertise through a guided tour of our rentals and any “growing” tinys. And during this one-on-one tour with a tiny professional, you will be given time to ask questions about tiny living while previewing a variety of small space design possibilities.1

Small groups may request a consult visit/tour by completing the form below. Once your request is received, you will then receive an electronic booking invoice prior to finalizing your appointment time. Tour and info session time is scheduled for one hour. However, you may choose to continue your time with us through our mentorship program or jump right into having us design your tiny with you through our design or build services after this session. Tour and continued consult purchases are credited towards a build service within one year of visiting!

1 Tiny house rentals are subject to availability based on guest reservations.

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