What's the difference between a tiny house and a cottage?

At Perch & Nest, we consider tiny houses to be homes on wheels, also known as THOW's (tiny homes on wheels) and cottages to be homes on permanent foundations (THOFs). We provide complete construction of tiny home RVs up to 40' and renovations and conversions of unique foundation spaces (cottage homes) up to 1000 sq ft. 

What size is a THOW? 

Tiny homes on wheels come in endless shapes and many sizes. For easy travel and to maintain most states regulations, we build homes on wheels up to 8' 6" wide and 40' in length. Typically THOWs are built 20'-36'' in length. However, each trailer is custom built to order and many variations are available. 

What size is a cottage?

Cottages come in all shapes and sizes. However, we only restore, and convert dwellings up to 1000 sq ft.

How long does it take to build a THOW?

A tiny home on wheels can be completed in as little as 8 weeks. Home finish's, weather, and material availability may extend build times. 

Are there payment options for THOW's?

We work with all banks who offer RV lending and will proved your lender with any necessary documentation for your tiny home RV purchase.

Whether utilizing RV lending or direct payment, each tiny home RV is constructed using a 3 payment plan. 25% initial deposit, 50% when custom trailer is completed, Balance due upon final completion or pick up. Contact us to learn more about this process or how we may help your lender. 

Can Perch & Nest help me build my home myself?

Yes! We offer consulting as well as shell build services in various stages of construction.

How does financing work for foundation based homes?

Renovation and rehabilitation projects are usually completed using a standard contracting plan. 50% initial deposit and 50% upon completion. Typically, these projects are eligible for traditional lending such as construction, equity, or mortgage type loans. Some builds may be eligible for tiny home lending options as well. 

Are there designs to choose from?

At Perch & Nest, no two homes are alike. Each of our homes is custom designed with the users needs and budget in mind. Although we do not have "catalog" options to choose from, we do offer FREE estimation services and custom design services are included in each build. 

How much are Perch & Nest THOWs? 

At Perch & Nest, no two homes are alike. Each of our homes is custom designed with the users needs and budget in mind. Therefore, each home is quoted based on the materials, size, and level of completion the buyer has selected. Email us here to request our THOW Questionnaire link for a preliminary build quote.

Is Perch & Nest RVIA Certified?

Yes, we are a certified RV manufacturer with the RVIA. THOW builds are available in both non-RV and RV certified completion. Our RVIA certified tiny home RV's include our NADA listed make/model MCO while our, non-certified tiny homes are accompanied by a NC custom trailer title. 

Will you construct my home with SIPs (structural insulated panel)?

We do not currently offer SIP build options. Although we are eager to utilize new and improved products in our practices, we have yet to find SIPS to be a more cost effective or production efficient option for our homes. Stick built construction still remains the most cost effective and accurate form of construction for our team esp in building one of a kind homes to order. Our final framing product is able to achieve a comparable R value while maintaining the craftsmanship of this age old building practice.

We welcome your questions! Contact us for more information and to discuss your tiny home or cottage!

Frequently Asked Questions

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